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Nail Art DIYs  Learn the Tips & Tricks of nail Art from Zorain's Studio

A set of perfectly manicured, neatly painted nails are hard to escape one’s eyes. While obsessing over your wardrobe choices, hair do, accessories, footwear, and make-up, one tends to forget that a set of prettily done up nails takes your look to a different level altogether. 

Hence, it’s integral that along with your skin care and hair care routine you have a nail care routine in place. Adhering to these basics can help you maintain admiration- worthy nails;

  • Ensure your hands and nails are clean, just like your face it’s essential to exfoliate even this area Prevent cracks and breakage of your nails by trimming it regularly. Besides that even keeping your nails filed helps with putting a stop to damage
  • Who doesn’t like their nails painted in chromatic hues? But there is a technique to that as well. Before applying the shade of your choice make sure to apply a base coat and after applying the chosen color a top coat gives nails that shiny look. 

Nail Art is more than ‘Painting Nails’

Painting nails is one way of beautifying them, and then there is nail art which is a creative exploration of sorts. Sporting nails embellished with nail art, is a trend that’s caught on. There is no dearth of options when it comes to the diverse ways in which you can customise your nails.

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Apart from it being a beautification process, having nail art done has more benefits than you could have ever thought of. Sparkly or patterned, it works as a mood-lifter, and lends  vibrancy to one’s appearance. Many a  time, uniquely designed nails become  conversation starters. Pictures of your newly done up nails when posted on your social media handle keeps a steady stream of likes, comments and reactions. Synchronising these nails to outfits helps you explore different styles. Most importantly, these carefully done-up nails have a story to tell and depict one’s state of mind.

All in all, nail art is an enjoyable experience and it successfully turns your nails into eye-candy. Zeroing in on one pattern after the other taps into your creativity. Is your mind overflowing with ideas?  Whether you want to learn the technique or simply want to have your nails done up, Zorain Studio’s is the place for you.

Our Nail Services at Zorain’s Studio broadly cover the following : 

  • A Normal Nail Paint application– Cuticle clean up and nail paint application. 
  • Normal Nail Paint with Nail Art – As the name suggests the nail art involves hand drawn patterns, or glittered, bandhani, diamonette, or stone embellishments. 
  • Gel Polish – A manicure/pedicure with gel paint that has a lasting effect. 
  • Gel Polish plus Nail Art – Gel Nail Paint with an overlaying Design to create a beautiful effect. 
  • Gel/Acrylic Nails with Extensions – Have you been struggling to grow your nails? Get them now. 
  • Gel/Acrylic extension and Nail Art Removal – Get rid of your extensions in the safest and most hygienic way. 
  • Bridal NailsSwarovski pearls, chains, get whatever you wish to make your special day all the more special. 

The next time you tap away on your laptop or lift your hand to point at something make sure that one cannot stop themselves from admiring your nails. 

Learn Nail Art from the Pros

Nail Art Courses that’s Perfect for You

Regardless of whether you are a Beginner, Semi-Pro, an experienced Nail Technician or even a Nail art Trainer, we have the perfect Course to rise up in your beauty career path !


  • "The best place to start your journey with make-up & hair. Zorain's patience and her ability to make sure you reach perfection is amazing. On the whole a very optimistic and fun environment, she lets you be yourself and makes sure that you learn at your own pace. Apart from various makeup methods you will also be taught about the ingredients in various products, color wheel, face shapes etc. Once you finish your course you will be equipped enough to start of on your own, this comes from personal experience. I was new to a lot of things when I joined Zorain's class but her confidence in me and her method of teaching is impeccable. Undoubtedly the best investment in your career whether its personal grooming or a full fledged makeup and hair course." - Blessy Mary Chacko

  • "When a girl imagines herself on her wedding day only beautiful speechless and grand images remain in her mind .. It takes only magical hands and talent to turn those images into reality ... Zohrain is one among them who left me with abundant compliments on all the functions for my wedding ...she understands the needs of the client..... patient, comforting ,punctual and most importantly a beautiful soul who trusts her clients even in times when you can't help it ... Thank you Zohrain & team for being there for me to make me look like my daddy's little princess just as how I wanted it . Not too much of make up not too less just perfect ... you made me relax and be at ease even at times of anxiety which every bride goes through... A big thank you from the Sabharwal family ...With all my love hugs and regards." - Gurman Sabharwaal

  • A wonderful person and a brilliant artist. She is an inspiration to many. I am also a makeup artist and if I want be someone's replica then its my dear, my inspiration and a goddess like figure Zo. All the best for the amazing future ahead. Love you lots Zo." - Kinjal Mehta

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