Monsoon Haircare| Essential Haircare Tips and Routines for Rainy Days

Monsoon Haircare Essential Haircare Tips and Routines for Rainy Days

What comes to your mind when you think of monsoon? The smell of the rain, beautiful sights lush greens and bad hair. Despite being a beautiful season, the rainy season often becomes a nightmare for those who love their hair. The increased humidity makes hair unmanageable. We often find ourselves trapped in the cycle of dandruff, hair fall and unlimited frizz. But, monsoon haircare is not rocket science, it’s just common sense.

You can manage it all with a simple monsoon haircare routine that you can follow in the monsoon. Here are simple tips to make your hair more manageable:

Keep them clean

If you happen to get wet in the rain, ensure that you cleanse your hair to get rid of any particles or residue. Choose a mild shampoo based on your hair type and avoid using any harsh chemicals on your hair.

Trust the hair masque

A hair masque is the best way to condition your hair. It will help tame the frizz and smoothen your strands. Do not overdo the quantity and do not apply on the scalp.

After wash hair potion

Also known as leave-in conditioners, hair potions are magic ingredients that will quickly turn rough and frizzy hair into silky and smooth tresses. Apply a very small amount only on the ends and mid-length.

Keep them dry

Although the purest form of water, rainwater interacts with the pollution and becomes acidic. Having it in your hair for long can cause a host of hair and scalp issues. Keep your hair dry to avoid any possible infections.

Tie them up

As beautiful as loose hair look, leaving them loose in monsoons may cause frizz. Tie them to lock in the moisture and prevent frizz.

Indulge in a hair spa

You could either use simple ingredients from your kitchen for a hair spa at home. Coffee, bananas, curd, honey, eggs and a lot more ingredients can help you with your hair woes. You could also invest in hair spa kits from good brands. If you want to get pampered and go the extra mile for your treated or damaged hair, head to a salon for a spa.

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Take care of coloured hair

If you have chemically coloured your hair, the colour may bleed if you get wet in the rain. To prevent this apply a little conditioner on damp hair before heading out. Rinse it off once you are back.

Watch the labels of the products you use

it may be tempting to jump at any product that you see in the store or online. However, take care that your hair care products are SLS free to avoid long term damage to your hair.

Be wary of the heat

Most of us know that heat-styling isn’t ideal but it is quintessential for that stylish look. If you need to do it, do not forget a heat protection spray or argan oil.

Oil regularly

This is an old-school tip but the best in the book. Apply oil to your hair regularly for good hair health irrespective of the season.

Let not hair woes make monsoon a fear for you. Follow these simple Monsoon Haircare steps and go rock your monsoon style without having to worry about limp and lustreless hair.

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